Partners شركاء


The research programme considers the missions as regards the social and cultural evolution of the Middle East, from Ottoman modernity to the present day.

Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

The Rijksmuseum van Oudheden is the national archaeological museum of the Netherlands, located in Leiden. It grew out of the collection of Leiden University and still closely co-operates with its Faculty of Archaeology.

Al Ma’mal Foundation for Contemporary Art

Al Ma’mal is a non-profit organisation based in a former Tile Factory in New Gate, in the Old City of Jerusalem, serving its surrounding community, their guests and the city’s visitors through a programme of exhibitions, live music and workshops. 

The Netherlands Institute for the Near East (NINO)

The Netherlands Institute for the Near East is a pillar of Dutch research on the Ancient Near East and Egypt. NINO owns an interesting and old collection of hundreds of glass slides, formerly used for projection, mostly from the 1920’s to 1950’s. The Scholten photographic collection comprises a large number of original photographs that Frank Scholten took on his travels through the Middle East in 1920-1923.

École française de Rome

Founded in 1875, the École française de Rome is a French public research institution operating under the supervision of the French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research.

École Biblique et Archéologique Française

The École biblique et archéologique française de Jérusalem, commonly known as École Biblique, is a French academic establishment in Jerusalem, founded by Dominicans, and specialising in archaeology and Biblical exegesis. 

Leibniz Institute of European History

The Leibniz Institute of European History in Mainz, Germany, is an independent, public research institute that carries out and promotes historical research on the foundations of Europe in the early and late Modern period.

Institut français du Proche-Orient

The French Institute of the Near East is part of the network of French Research Centres abroad. It has branches in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.

Special Collections Photographic Department, UL University Library

Special collections of historical and contemporary photographs of Leiden University. CrossRoads is supported by its curator dr. Maartje van den Heuvel

Nederland Fotogenootschap

The Nederlands Fotogenootschap (NFg) is an association of institutions in the Netherlands that manage photo and negative collections. The Netherlands has hundreds of institutions with a photo collection. Many of these collections have a long history.

Aristotle University Thessaloniki – Department of Political Sciences

The Department of Political Science aims to promote interdisciplinary and critical research on the field of Politics and Religion, putting special emphasis on the modern and contemporary Europe and the Middle East.  

Centre national de la recherche scientifique

The French National Center for Scientific Research is the largest governmental research organisation in France and the largest fundamental science agency in Europe.

Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens

This project is supported by the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens through it’s Contemporary Creative Residency Program.

The Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens is one of the seventeen foreign archaeological institutes in Greece. Founded in 1980, it aims to promote Greek studies in Australia, as well as to enable Australian scholars to engage in archaeological fieldwork in Greece.

The American Colony – Historical Photographs Department 

The American Colony was an independent, utopian, Christian sect formed by religious pilgrims who emigrated to Jerusalem from the United States and Sweden. The history of the Colony is intimately linked to the photography collection it spawned.


The Zenobia Foundation aims to advance the study of historical Eastern-Western relationships in the most dynamic meeting place of peoples and cultures in human history: the Eastern Mediterranean basin. Zenobia attempts to reach this goal through the organisation of congresses and symposia, publication of books and catalogues, support of exhibitions and research travel and, above all, the advancement of scholarly research.

Leonhard-Woltjer Foundation

The Leonhard-Woltjer Foundation (LWS) aims to promote the study and knowledge of the Arabic cultural area in the Dutch language area. It focuses in particular on the political and social history of the Palestinians and of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. From this perspective, the Foundation aims to stimulate, spread and make accessible scientific research into the origin of the conflict and into the factors that stand in the way of lasting peace.