Related Projects  مشاريع ذات صلة

Merchants and Miracles

Merchants and Miracles is an AHRC funded project exploring modern Bethlehem and its history of global connectivity. The project will produce a book on the life of one merchant from the town, and an archive that makes publicly available a large collection of digital objects relating to Bethlehem and its global diaspora.


The research programme considers the missions as regards the social and cultural evolution of the Middle East, from Ottoman modernity to the present day.

NWO Van Moorsel

Between the Holy Land and the World. A connected history of Christian communities in the Near East via the unpublished photographic collections (1900-1948)

The project ‘Between the Holy Land and the World’ proposes a connected history of the Christian communities in the Near East (1900-1948) by means of a study of unpublished Franciscan and Dominican photographic collections.

Open Jerusalem

The ERC Open Jerusalem (2014-2019), retracing the ‘history the Connected History of Citadinité in the Holy City, 1840-1940’, produced an archival catalog and a bibliography available online.

Frank Scholten Legacy

The Scholten photographic collection comprises a large number of original photographs that Frank Scholten took on his travels through the Middle East in 1920-1923.